Built-in Shelf bras

All Nicole Alex tops and dresses feature our signature built-in shelf bra for light support and throw-on-and-go style.  Each shelf bra is constructed with four-way stretch fabric and a plush elastic trim. They can be worn with or without a bra underneath depending on your preference and what type of "girls" you're working with.  Our built-in bras are longer than you'll usually find and were specifically designed to be able to accommodate up to a DD-cup. Wear-tested and approved by our full-busted founder!

Bamboo Features & Benefits

Super Soft

Bamboo fabric has a buttery soft handle and is softer than your average cotton fabric.  It is often  compared to cashmere for its luxurious qualities.


Bamboo naturally has antibacterial qualities which bamboo fabric is able to retain even through multiple washes. This helps to reduce bacteria that often thrive in clothing causing unpleasant odors.

Moisture Wicking

As a plant, Bamboo is highly water absorbent which translates to bamboo fabric having excellent wicking ability. Bamboo absorbs moisture away from your skin and helps keep you dry.


Bamboo thrives naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers and requires little irrigation aside from rain water. It is sustainably harvested by cutting and regenerates very quickly.


Bamboo fabric is naturally insulating and breathable, its fibers keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Bamboo fibers have natural UV protection and can block harmful UV rays helping to protect your skin during outdoor activities.

Made in Los Angeles

Nicole Alex garments are designed, fit, and sewn in Los Angeles using ethically-sourced, sustainable fabrics. We've partnered with a family-owned and operated manufacturing facility that’s just minutes from our Los Angeles headquarters, so our creative team can be on site to oversee the production process from start to finish.